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【NTD100K+/Month】Trainee Program - Backend Engineer

For App Backend Development

This is a full-time position open for fresh graduated students with strong CS background.

[ Responsibilities ]

  • Implement Minimum Viable Product (MVP) agilely to assess market feasibility based on quantitative product analysis
  • Leverage AWS as well as external services to extend/implement flexible, scalable, and sustainable backend systems for mobile application within the time constraint
  • Design, improve, and maintain internal systems to facilitate content/marketing team's daily tasks

[ Qualifications ]

  • BS / MS degree, CS / EE major preferred
  • Concrete knowledge of algorithm and data structure design
  • Exceptional programming skills
  • Good communication skills

[ Starting Salary ]

  • NTD$ 100,000+ / month, negotiable
  • Employee Stock options

[ Location ]

No. 68, Section 4, Roosevelt Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100

[ How to Apply ]

Please send your CV to

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