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  • Emily / iOS Engineer

    Computer Science, MS,

    National Chiao Tung University

    I’ve worked along with many great colleagues who are passionate about the work they do here at MixerBox. They never stop learning and continuously find ways to enhance their knowledge.
    At our weekly meetings, we brainstorm new ideas and share personal opinions based on any findings from our analysis. During the discussion, we weigh out the pros and cons of each idea to reach a consensus, which is an efficient process when developing new app features.

    I feel privileged to be a part of MixerBox; having the honor to work alongside such extraordinary people and gaining a sense of accomplishment from our users’ feedback. I highly recommend everyone to join us!


    Joy / Marketing Specialist

    Advertising, BA and Sociology, BA

    National Chengchi University

    MixerBox is a startup filled with talent, energy, and high productivity. With a flexible work environment, fun atmosphere, and like-minded colleagues, I look forward to coming into the office every day filled with enthusiasm.

    If you’re looking for someplace where you’ll always be smiling while you work and have the confidence to do everything to the best of your ability, then send in your resume and join MixerBox! Let us “Dream Big & Make it Happen”

    Angela / Android Engineer

    Computer Science and Information Engineering, MS, National Taiwan University

    When I first joined MixerBox, I had no experience in Android development. I was uncertain whether or not I could succeed in this position, but my experienced coworkers and team leads were both very patient and supportive of me. During the first 3 weeks of training, anytime I encountered an issue, my coworkers would help clear up the confusion and brought me up to speed on things. 3 weeks later, I was already working independently on products that were active on the market. I gained confidence and a great sense of accomplishment.


    Winnie / Marketing Specialist

    Technology, Innovation, and Intellectual Property Management, MA, National Chengchi University

    • Super Amazing Co-workers: Every single one of my colleagues is super diligent, insightful, and amazing at problem-solving. Working with them makes me want to strive to become a better and stronger individual.
    • An Open and Flexible Company: We don’t have strict corporate rules. Instead, we look to trust one another and have the freedom to be creative.
    • Fun and Interesting Work: Being able to do the work you enjoy and to the best of your abilities makes coming into work even more exciting!

    MixerBox is a creative and invigorating startup that’s definitely worth joining!

    Vincent / Android Engineer

    Multimedia Engineering, MS

    National Chiao Tung University

    Before joining MixerBox, I never would’ve imagined a company’s atmosphere and work environment can be so lively. Job responsibilities are enriching and everyone is given the opportunity to take charge of their own tasks. It’s hard to imagine with the skills and experience I’ve built up so far that I’ve only been at the company for 4 months.
    If you’re someone who’s full of creativity and innovation and looking for someplace to put your skills to the test, I’d definitely recommend MixerBox!

    Roy / iOS Engineer

    Computer Science and Information Engineering, MS, National Taiwan University

    MixerBox doesn’t make me feel like just another employee.

    After joining the Trainee Program here, if you run into any problems or need any assistance, the entire team will be there to support you. Compared to learning by yourself at home, this is a much more effective learning experience.

    Even more importantly, don’t worry about the previous experience when you join the Trainee Program. You will be gaining all sorts of experience as you train and at times, your opinions can even change the entire course of a product. The company definitely makes you feel important and that you are part of the team.

    Vera / Marketing Manager

    Business Management, MA,

    National Chengchi University

    At MixerBox, anything is possible! I wholeheartedly invite everyone to join the team!

    Being a part of the MixerBox marketing team allows you to work on products from an early stage and watch them develop. Along with your product, you can find your own potential and continue growing. This type of work is quite captivating! The best part of being in the marketing team is that you’re able to work with some of the best and brightest individuals, while also helping the company reach its goals! If you’re a person that loves taking on challenges, then MixerBox offers endless possibilities! I really recommend everyone to join the team!

    Coffee / Android Engineer

    Mathematics, BS, National Taiwan University

    APMO, Silver Award

    Work is very flexible, giving employees time to rest and working hard when it’s time to get things done. Everyone is proficient and experts in their own fields, so it's always a joy when we can get together to discuss new ideas and complete projects from start to finish. There’s always motivation when we get handed new projects and excitement to finish in order to see user feedback. Being able to know that what we accomplished can bring convenience to users is the most satisfying feeling.

  • Software Engineering Interview Tips


    What will I be tested on if I want to become a software engineer at MixerBox?


    To become a software engineer at MixerBox, we are looking for someone who is proficient in basic algorithms, data structures, logical deduction, as well as time and space complexity analysis.


    How many sections are on the exam?


    The proficiency exam has two rounds. The first round is an online assessment using HackerRank, and the second round is an onsite hand-written coding exam. However, the exam will be adjusted accordingly based on the candidate’s current abilities.


    Are there any online learning materials that MixerBox recommends to help prepare me for the exam?


    We highly recommend visiting Leetcode. This website will be highly beneficial in preparing you for the exam.


    Are there any book recommendations to help prepare me for the exam?


    Our current engineers highly recommend the following books:


    I’m not a Computer Science major; however, I have written apps before and hope to further my training at MixerBox. How do I best prepare?


    At MixerBox, engineer trainees (full-time position) are evaluated on the same credentials for proficiency in basic algorithms, data structures, and logical deduction. Below are a couple free online courses that can help you grasp the focus of developing apps.


    I have no prior experience developing apps at all, but am interested in entering this field. How do I best prepare?


    Below are a couple basic courses on developing apps that can help you get started:


    Are there any questions on the exam that I can study and prepare for in advance?


    Below are some exam sample questions from HackerRank and Leetcode that you can take to get a better idea of what questions will be asked on the exam:

  • Marketing Specialist Interview Tips


    How many stages does MixerBox Marketing interview have?

    Usually Marketing openings will have 3 or more interview stages as below:

    • Online Meeting:For the first meeting, introduce yourself and let us know why you want to join MixerBox. Share your knowledge and thoughts about the app industry and online marketing. Let your passion shine!

    • Onsite Meeting 1:Meet with the Marketing team. At this stage, you’ll be tested on your marketing abilities which will also let us know more about you.

    • Onsite Meeting 2:Meet with Product Team Leads. During this stage, you may be tested on your marketing abilities and also conduct an in-depth interview to see which team you’ll be best suited for.


    What will the marketing test include?

    The test will be oriented towards the following:

    • Marketing, promotion and insights on the app industry

    • Marketing strategy and analysis

    • Content creation and ad design


    What kind of marketing talent is MixerBox looking for?

    We’re looking for someone that has passion for the app industry and the changes and challenges it brings. We hope you:

    • Have the abilities to collect data

    • Can use an analytical and creative approach to propose solutions and execute

    • Can work with engineers, customer service, product development and other teams to accomplish the same goal

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